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We save businesses time and money by using extensive local market knowledge and experience to find the best facilities for their needs and negotiate the best terms achievable. Client satisfaction and repeat business is always our focus.

We are The Melby Group. We belong to ITRA Global, a family of global site selectors who never represent landlords or developers – so we avoid the inherent conflicts of interest that other brokers experience. And while we represent our clients on a fiduciary basis, we still share in the fees being paid by the Seller or Landlord, so typically our services are cost-free to our clients.

Our personal market: Asheville Commercial Real Estate, Greenville Commercial Real Estate, and the surrounding areas...

Advice from a Commercial Real Estate Expert

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What is an Exclusive Tenant Representative?

Known in the commercial real estate industry as "Tenant Reps", we represent a specialized commercial real estate niche that represents the interests of the business owner only - never the landlord. While some companies do both Landlord and Tenant Representation, an exclusive commercial real estate Tenant Representative does not list property - avoiding the serious conflict of interest the general Broker has.

Question: When commercial real estate brokers show you space they have listed, who are they representing – you or the Landlord?

What can a Tenant Representative do for me?

Three simple reasons why our clients use us when they need new facilities:

Saves Them Time – We do the space search better than they can. Our local and national network of real estate brokers and developers finds all your available options.

Saves Them Money – Clients save money by focusing on what they do best - their business – and our knowledge of the market gets them a better deal than they can get themselves.

Protects Their Interests – We negotiate the Lease thoroughly, and make sure various clauses protect their interests.

What is the cost of Tenant Rep services?

Tenant Rep services, while highly valued, usually require no fee from their clients since the Tenant Rep usually shares in the fees the Landlord is paying his agent.

What if I find something on my own?

We still represent you. Give us the phone number and we call on your behalf.

Can I be sure I am seeing everything available?

That is our goal and we try our best! But since no one is perfect and new properties come available every day, it is possible you will only see 99% of the market. By using specialized networks, on-line search services and market knowledge, we come much closer to 100% market knowledge than if clients attempt this themselves. (Note: Many of the transactions we do are in spaces that were not "on" the market! Only by our contacting all the various brokers and owners do we discover properties that are occupied, but "can be made available".)

Can I have several Tenant Reps working for me at the same time?

No. If three brokers bring you the same properties – with whom are you going to work? Fact is, one exclusive Tenant Rep, working hard and contacting all the owners and brokers will always find far more potential spaces than several brokers who are only working a little, or only showing you their own listings (of course, at that point you actually have NO representation, since the broker has a fiduciary obligation to represent the Landlord. )

We help our Commercial Real Estate clients find:

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We specialize in tenant representation and commercial real estate aquisition in Asheville, North Carolina Greenville, South Carolina Columbia South Carolina, and Charlotte, North Carolina. A tenant representative can help your company save valuable property search time and money. Call us today.